Best family tents for rain



The best family tent for rain is…


NTK Arizona GT 9 to 10 Person 


If you have a big family of people who want a durable tent that can withstand both rain and windy conditions, even aggressive winds, then the NTK Arizona GT 9 to 10 Person  is the tent for you.
















NTK Arizona GT 9 to 10 Person 

General info

MaterialsPolyester, Fiberglass
Doors and RoomsTwo
Item Weight26.45 Pounds
Center height2.05m / 6.7ft

Key features:

UV protection

Color coded poles

anti-fungus seamless polyethylene floor


3 season





The NTK Arizona GT 9 is a very great tent for resisting both rain and high winds by implementing a dome design that moves the wind and rain over the tent.





The rainfly is also sealed up excellently to increase this tents wind resistance capabilities.





This tent has a large vestibule, two rooms and doors, color coded poles making tent construction easy. The room and the tent floor measurements give you some nice space.





Floor Width‎245 Centimeters
Floor Length‎208.7 Inches





There is one annoying aspect to this tent though. The windows only close from the outside which means you will have to get up and close them if the winds start to really pick up.






Although this tent does come with color coded tent poles allowing for an easy to understand set up.






Also considering the size of this tent it should be staked down to prevent the wind from lifting it up even though the tent is a freestanding tent. Using stakes as a backup is always a good idea making your tent extra secure.

Dome resistant wind designNeeds to be staked
Plenty of spaceWindows only close from the outside
Excellent sealing
















Ayamaya 6 person pop up

General info table

Seasons4 Season
Item Weight164 Ounces

Key features:

A wall divider

Double layer weather proof

Cross ventilation / gap between layers


Fastest instant tent






Consider the Ayamaya 6 person pop up tent which offers plenty of room for four people on a rainy night, and the rooms can be divided making space for gear or another sleeping room on the other side.






Since the tent is double layer one may worry about it getting too hot inside the tent. The layers are balanced by two mesh windows allowing cross ventilation and a gap between the two layers creating extra ventilation.






The Ayamaya comes with only one door so you might wake people up while trying to reach the front door. There is also no center loop for hanging a fan so keep that in mind.






Also it can be a bit of a challenge to put the tent back into it’s bag, instead of doing this by yourself find someone to help you, it’s a lot easier when there are two people.






Fastet instant tentOne door
weatherproof for 4 seasonsNo center loop for fan

Best instant tent for: 2-4 campers who want room, comfort and durability



















Coleman Montana 6-Person Tent


Key features:

Capacity 6 people

fits 2 queen size beds

Item weight 19 pounds

setup in 15 minutes

zipper cuff made of weather-resistant fabric

Inverted seams increase weather resistance 






This tent is great for rain since it offers inverted seams that strengthens its weather protection. This tens also comes with and a zipper cuff that is made of weather resistant fabric.






Many tents leak through the zipper, so its great this tent combats weather leakage in those critical areas. It can be set up in only 15 minutes and the tent fits 2 queen sized beds so it is also spacious. This tent comes with e ports so you can fit electrical devices inside and charge them with a generator. Although the roof may end up leaking over time, and the tent stake are pretty bad.






You should use this tent if you are a casual camper because it will last a lot longer than if you go camping ever other weekend to prevent the roof from getting weakened from overuse. Also you can waterproof the roof if you intend to use this tent more frequently. (IL)









Zipper cuff, inverted seamsBad tent steaks
spaciousroof may end up leaking over time

















MOON LENCE Camping Tent 2/4Person Family Tent





Key features:

dual zippers, large door, ground vents, two windows

High wind resistance

set up alone, around 15 min.







The MOON LENCE Camping Tent 2/4Person Family Tent tent is a great option for your kids tent since it is a 4 person, which really means it fits at max around 4 kids and 2 adults comfortably. It comes with 4 guy ropes, and 9 lightweight iron pegs which gives this tent high wind resistance.






This tent offers great rain resistance with 190T PU material that provides 1000mm water resistance and excellent UV resistance. It can be set up easily with shock cord connecting poles. These poles have elastic cord that make it easier to set up and flexible.






It also comes with dual zippers, this is a great failsafe feature, if one zipper breaks you can simply use the other one. Although this tent only come with one door making it hard to leave the tent during the night without waking others up. Also the ground sheet is not included with the tent.





Easy set upone door
Wind resistantground sheet not included
Water resistantsmall
















UNP 6 person waterproof windproof tent


Key features:

2 roof vents adjustable from the inside tent mesh panels

1000mm polyurethane hydrostatic rated coating (taped seams)

Electrical Access Port

Near-vertical walls

D-shaped doors



The UNP 6 person waterproof windproof tent offers 1000mm polyurethane hydrostatic rated coating, this is some of the best material for combating rain that will keep you dry. This tent has near vertical walls so if you want a spacious feeling tent then this one is a great option.






This tent comes with D shaped doors which are quicker to unzip than big tent doors that cover the whole entrance. There are two roof vents than can be unzipped from the inside of your tent. It also comes with four windows surrounding the tent that can also be zipped up from the inside. Although its worth noting that the rainfly is hard to adjust on this tent. Also this tent does not perform optimally for high winds.




Multiple vents reachable from insideRainfly is hard to adjust
Near vertical wallsnot for high winds












Final Verdict


NTK Arizona GT 9 to 10 Person 


If you have a big family of people who want a durable tent that can withstand both rain and windy conditions, even aggressive winds, then the NTK Arizona GT 9 to 10 Person  is the tent for you.