Winterial Single Bivy Vs Teton Sports Vista Quick Tent















Winterial Single Personal Bivy


General info


waterproofingwaterproof rainfly and stitching
accessories2 x aluminum poles, 14 ground stakes and 3 guylines.
Weight3.3 Pounds
occupancy1 person


Key features:




100% cotton canvas


Well ventilated







The Winerial Single person Bivy tent comes is a watertight waterproof tent that comes with a great fly, and stitching making it all around great for rain. This tent only needs two aluminum poles making it very easy to set up.






One big flaw, this tent is too heavy for most backpackers since it is weighs 3 pounds. On the positive side this tent is a very affordable canvas tent since it is made to accommodate one person for 3 seasons.





wateproofToo heavy for backpackers
easy set upsmall
affordableonly 3 season


Best for: A solo tent for campgrounds, not great for backpacking.



















TETON Sports Vista Quick Tent

General info

Seasons4 season
Weight5 pounds
Occupancy1 person

Price $$





Key features:


Two way zippers

Lifetime warranty

30 second set up time






The Teton is a great tent for people who are under 6 foot. If you are tall then your feet will rest against the tent, and even the best of tents can collect moisture on the wall.






The result, you wake up with wet feet so I would recommend looking into a bigger tent if you are 6 foot. Also the rainfly is sold separately






This tent has the fastest set up time, believe it or not this tent can is so quick it pops up in just 2 seconds flat. This tent is also rather light but not the best for backpackers making a long trip tent.






This tent comes with a two way zipper system allowing you to micro adjust your windows to optimize your tents ventilation. You may not know Taffeta material, the material in this tent, but it is 100% waterproof since it is contains polyester.






The quickest pop up, done in 2 seconds flatSmall not for 6 feet people
lightweightrainfly sold separately
Two way zippers





















Which tent is better? The Teton Sports Vista Quick Vs Winterial Single Personal Bivy? First off the Winterial is actually a little bit less money than Teton Sports Tent even though it has canvas cotton which is often more money than taffeta tents.






The Teton has the ability to lock into place via a locking hub that keeps your tent into place. Also the Teton has two doors that allow for more air circulation than Winterials one door tent. Although the Winterial weighs less than the Teton at 3 pounds while the Teton weighs 5 pounds.






Although the Teton has a two way zipper system that Winterial lacks this feature which means the zipper could get stuck and break without a back up zipper. Both Tents have a speedy set up time since Winterial only needs two poles while Teton has a lock system that makes set up equally speedy. Ultimately the Winterial has a lot of the same features, but also comes with a rainfly, and its more affordable.