Sierra Designs Meteor Vs Nemo Dagger Ultralight Tent






Sierra Designs Meteor – Lightweight

Key features:


eco-friendly materials

lightweight 2126g

hydrostatic flysheet 3000mm

a stronger tent than past Sierra designs

flysheet rolls across the tent quickly





The Sierra Designs Meteor – Lightweight offers an excellent space to weight ratio. It has a floor Area: 29.8 ft2 , a max height of ‎41 Inches, and even with a heavy duty hydrostatic flysheet it only weighs 2126g. You get great space without the tradeoff of having a heavy tent making it a great backpacking tent.







It combats rain with a 3000mm hydrostatic flysheet that is able to roll across the tent very easily so you can look up at the stars. This tent was designed to be more durable than their other tents, so it’s a great Sierra tent for durability against wind and rain. Whats more it made from eco friendly materials.






While the tent has some great features it does also have a few cons. The zippers can get snagged easily if you zip it up too fast. Also the vents can only be opened or close from the outside. Lastly the tent poles can bend easily so expect to handle them carefully, and store the poles carefully so they don’t bend.






The Sierra as mentioned already has a great surrounding mesh design which can also be great beyond practicality, but for recreation. You can stargaze easily with this mesh that is very see through and transparent. This tent is also offers a very excellent PFC-free rain fly.






Durable against wind and rainCheap poles
great hydrostatic flysheet that rolls across the tentzippers snag easily

Best for: backpacking





















Nemo Dagger Ultralight Backpacking Tents


key features:

Three-season backpacking, bikepacking and cycle touring

 Nemo’s impressive OSMO fabric

its 4x more water repellency / 0D OSMO Ripstop 2000mm floor fabric

3x less stretch

You can sit up in this tent

100% recycled materials (Global Recycled Standard)

color coded setup.






The Nemo Dagger Ultralight Backpacking Tents weight only 1.43 kilograms making it an ideal 2 person tent for backpacking, cycle touring, or bike-packing. This tent is not only light but durable since its made with OSMO fabric. OSMO fabric gives this tent 4x more water repellency than other tents, and the floor fabric is 2000mm ripstop. OSMO also gives the fabric more resiliency by stretching less and standing stable after a storm instead of sagging under the weight of water.






Its easy to set up since it has a color coded setup. This tent is good for the environment since its made from 100% recycled materials. Its not bad for tall people since 6 foot people can sleep well in this large. If your’e not six foot then you can even sit up inside this tent. The drawback to this tent is price, and the supply of tent stakes and tie cords is insufficient.






The Nemo Dagger has a different angle than Sierra designs since they try selling their tent on their environmentally friendly design. It has 100% Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified yarns with zero PFCs or fire-retardant chemicals.






It also has massive trapezoidal vestibules which is a smart design that allows for smaller but also usable space. There is a little corner space built into the vestibule that allows for gear storage.









Lightweight / durable balancePricey
great space to weightneed extra stakes and cords


Best for: Bikepacking




















Which tent is better? The Nemo Dagger Ultralight tent or the Sierra Designs Meteor? Nemo Dagger and Sierra Designs both have nice additional features for example Sierra Designs has a PFC free rainfly. Nemo also has zero PFC’s, its 100% recycled, and offers fire retardant materials.






The Nemo Dagger has excellent materials, one of the best materials in their tent is OSMO which is anti tear, very water resilient because it does not sag when its hit hard by water. 2000mm ripstop allows for excellent floor protection and OSMO offers 4 x better water resiliency than other tents.





The Sierra designs has a hydrostatic flysheet that covers the rain under 3000mm of rain protection. The flysheet is very easy to take on and off. Overall both offer great rain protection while the Nemo offers slightly better protection because of its OSMO fabric.





Although the Nemo is pricey because it offers very durable material. The Nemo is best for combating rain, while Sierra is also good at rain but its better for hot weather. If you want a summer tent Sierra is the best, if you want a summer tent and a tent that combats rain well then choose Nemo. The best tent would be Nemo Dagger Ultralight Backpacking Tents because it has the best materials, protection, and it can work very well under several weather conditions.