Ozark Trail Tent 10 person Vs Coleman WeatherMaster 10 person






OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent (Red/Black, 10 Person)


General info

Item Weight‎26.68 Pounds
Floor Area‎177.5 Square Feet
Seasons4 season


Key features:

Stable and durable

great ventilation


dividers curtain

seam-taped rainfly

mud mats






The OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent (Red/Black, 10 Person) has plenty of space to fit up to 4 queen sized mattresses. The Ozark has great accommodations for those who want privacy. It has two separate rooms and two curtain room dividers. It has protective mud mats that keep the bottom of your tent from getting wet.







These tents offer great ventilation from polyester mesh, and the rainfly can be rolled back to allow for breathability on hotter days. Extra ventilation comes from three doors, two on one side of the tent, and one on the other side. There is a side door allowing for easy access on one side of this tent.






Although since this tent has lots of breathable poly mesh rain can get through if your rain fly gets hit too hard by heavy rain. Also strong wind can easily make it through the mesh into your tent, this can cause it to blow around and possibly get off balanced so don’t camp in high winds.




Excellent space and ventilationMesh is weak against heavy rain
Multiple rooms and curtains for privacyMesh allows wind to make it through





















Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Tent



General info

Material75-denier polyester taffeta fly
68-denier polyester mesh inner tent
1,000-denier polyethylene floor
Max height6 ft.
Room9 x 6 feet
Weight34.14 Pounds



Key features:

Great center height 6ft.

Hinged door for going in and out easily

Bug proof design

space for storing your gear

Comes with vestibule area with breathable mesh walls

Storage pockets








The Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Tent Comes with a Vestibule area that has a built bug-proof breathable screen guard. You can decide to sleep in this side of the tent during hotter nights.





The space is also excellent on this tent, some reviewers where able to fit 2 queen inflatable mattresses inside. They where also able to add an additional 1 twin mattress with room for bags and room to walk.





Although this tent and ones like it will take up a lot of storage space but that is to be expected since bigger tents take more space to store.





This tents poles have painted metal, that means you need to store them in a separate bag to prevent the poles from rubbing off and staining the tents material.





If you want to use this tent during seasons where it rain more note this. It helps if you waterproof the rainfly of this tent since the rainfly does not perform very well under rain.






Angled windows are designed in a certain shape to allow for rain to stay out of the tent while allowing air to flow through the vents. You can have air circulation inside your tent while remaining dry due to this tents impressive vent design.






Spacioushard to store
Multiple room optionspoles made of painted metal
Hinged door makes for easy accessnot the best rainfly











Ozark Trail Tent 10 person Vs Coleman











Which tent is better? The Ozark Trail Tent 10 person or the Coleman WeatherMaster 10 person? The Ozark Trail tent has a better rainfly than the Coleman tent which has to be waterproofed.






Although the Ozark tent has an issue with wind entering the tent due to its surrounding mesh and rainfly that lets the wind in. Also the mesh does poorly when rain starts falling heavily.






In comparison the Coleman allows for a comfortable amount of air circulation to enter the vents while letting the rain out once waterproofed. The Ozark lets in a lot of wind from outside. The mud mats for the Ozark and the Coleman both offer great floor protection.






They both have good ventilation, The Ozark has multiple doors and roof mesh vents surrounding the tent while the Coleman has angled vents, and a fully meshed breathable room. The Coleman is not suitable to handle rain as it is while the Ozark tent is.






Although if you put water repellant on the Coleman it is better than the Ozark because it handles inclement weather better through its vent system and angled windows.






As is though the OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent (Red/Black, 10 Person) offers better rain protection although it lets in some wind and it’s not the best if you camp during heavy rains.