Kingcamp Melfi Plus Suv Tent vs Napier Sportz Tent


KingCamp Melfi Plus SUV Car Tent


Key features:

135 square feet of floor space

15 x 9 feet

3,000mm hydrostatic head rating.

3 seasons

you can also buy a double sleeping pad

Sleeping pad 3 inches thick when inflated, R-Value 6.1






The KingCamp Melfi Plus SUV Car Tent comes with an amazing screen room that allows you to look out at the stars. This tent is also very large allowing you to have 135 square feet of space, so if you don’t like being in small tents and feel claustrophobic then this is the tent for you.







Although since this tent is so big it weights 37.3 lbs, and it will take up a lot of storage space. The sleeping pad doesn’t come with the tent, it has to be purchased separately. Also this tent isn’t to hard to set up.






Since this tent comes with 3,000mm hydrostatic it is very durable against rainstorms. Overall this is a great tent to use for holding a bunch of people, and its great for star gazing as well.






very great against storms / great for stargazingTakes up space





















Napier Outdoors Family-Tents sportz SUV Tent





Key features:

Item Weight: 51 lbs

Occupancy 6 person

1200 PU polyester taffeta

Dimensions: 10 by 10 feet






The Napier Outdoors Family-Tents sportz SUV Tent is a great option because it requires zero modifications to your vehicle since it comes with a universal sleeve.






This tent also comes with a roomy amount of space and a peak height of 7 feet making it a great option for taller people or if you just want to be able to stand up.






It also comes with a nice awning to cover yourself up from the sun on a hot day, and can also be used for extra shelter from the rain.






Although this tent is a little bit hard to fit in most camp grounds because the tents screen extends on the drivers side. Also the rear hatch port has been reported to leak in some customer reviews while others say it has never leaked. I would be extra safe and waterproof it with some good water repellent.





Universal sleeveMay require water repellent on hatch door
Additional awning and very spaciousHard to fit inside campgrounds







Which tent is better? Napier sportz SUV tents or the Kingcamp Melfi Plus SUV Tents? Both tent are very spacious, the Napier offers 135 square feet of floor space while the Kingcamp Melfi Plus offers a main 10×10 area that can fit multiple queen sized mattresses.






Now to get to the cons. Napiers Suv tents have issues with size, for example the Napier is a very big tent and it has problems fitting inside most campgrounds. Although the Kingcamp is a very heavy tent that is hard to pack and it takes up a lot of space as well. Also the Napier needs water repellent on it’s door whereas the Kingcamp doesn’t have any waterproofing issues.






Although the Napier has some benefits that the Kingcamp lacks such as a universal sleeve allowing you to fit your tents sleeve into most Suvs without worrying about the sleeve size. Also the center height has a 7 foot peak height making it great for tall people






The best Suv tent would be the Kingcamp because it has better rain protection that doesn’t require any water repellent, although the Napier is also a great tent if you don’t want to worry about the sleeve size.