Coleman Flatwoods vs Sundome



Coleman 6 person Sundome Camping Tent


General info

Max height6 ft.
Set up10 min.
Weight8.5 Pounds
Floor area100 sq. ft.



Key features:

Floor vent for max ventilation

Two doors

easy set up

lightweight, easy to cary

Affordable price

Good headroom



The Coleman 6 Person Sundome is great for summer camping since this tent is built to expel heat. Although this feature is not great for camping in conditions where it can become very chilly at night since it does not retain heat well.






This is a tent I would recommend for beginners to get started camping with since it is affordable, and easy set up. It’s also a great tent for your kids to sleep in since they are smaller and can use the space well.






Easy for beginners to set up (affordable)Small
Great summer tent due to ventilationDoes not retain heat well
Good headroom 


Best for: A summer tent for your kids to go on their first camping trip in



















Coleman Flatwoods Tent 4P TGT C002


Key features:

Tent poles steel

Tight quarters tent not a lot of space


Inverted seams and welded floor

Easy setup and takedown

Can fit queen sized mattress

good ventilation




The Coleman Flatwoods Tent 4P TGT C002 has an instant clip pole attachment design making the set up time very quick (only 10 mins). Also it comes with a big storage compartment for all of your accessories. It has inverted seams and welded floor that are great additions for any waterproof tent.






The tent poles are awesome for this tent because they are made of durable steel. Although it doesn’t hold up well during the harsh windows. Also this tent is a little hard to step into because it has a small doorway. Tight quarters make the tent a little uncomfortable for some people though.






Easy set up timeWithstand winds poorly
Durable tent poles.Narrow doorways







The Coleman 6 person Sundome Camping Tent is a lot better than the Coleman Flatwoods Tent 4P TGT C002 in multiple ways. First of all the Sundome has two doors allowing for the best cross air ventilation and you can leave without waking someone else up. The doors are both D shaped which make leaving the tent easy.





Although the Flatwoods tent has better steel tent poles but they can’t handle heavy wind very well. Also the Sundome has a bigger entrance than the Flatwoods tent. Ultimately the Coleman Sundome has better ventilation, a bigger entrance, and the Sundome has more doors. Also the Sundome is the perfect summer tent because it expels heat and .