Coleman Cabin Instant 10 person Vs Coleman Dome Evanston 8 Person









Coleman Cabin 10 person Instant Tent

General info

Max height10 ft.
Room14 x 10 interior
Weight44.6 lbs

Key features:

Black out room blocks 90% sunlight

Visibility, Reflective guy lines

Heat reducing technology

Roomy 14 x 10 interior

inverted seams / welded corners combat water + rainfly

Room dividers



The Coleman Cabin 10 person instant tent is easy to set up, and the tent offers tons of space. If your tall it should work out fine since it has a center height of 72 inches.





On a different note the tent stakes for this tent are a little cheap. Instead





The floor is designed a little thinner than the other tents on this list. You might need to eventually use a tarp if anything should happen to it.





This tent fits 3 single mattresses (1 on one side and 2 on the other to make a big bed) and still have plenty of room for everything







Blackout rooms helps you sleep inOnly one door
Very spaciousTakes up storage space
excellent ventilationThin Floor

Best for: A large family or group that wants a great easy to set up summer tent that can also handle rain well.
























Coleman Dome Evanston 8 person Tent 


Key features:

capacity 8 person, comes in 6 person.

2 + doors

Easy set up and put away (15 mins.)

fits 2 queen sized beds plus room for gear

expanding carry bag

1-year warranty

Max height: 72 Inches





The Coleman Dome Evanston 8 person Tent  is made out of a special polyester called the “Polyguard” which is made out of taffeta 75. This type of material is especially formidable against rain. It also comes with welded corners making it extra durable against rain entering the corners, and against needles puncturing the tent.






It can be set up and put down in 15 mins, and there is enough space to fit 2 queen sized beds inside with room for extra gear. Although this tent could be better since it does not perform optimally during harsh winds and its a very heavy tent weighs exactly 26.38 pounds. Also this tent only realistically holds around 4 adults and 2 kids.






Polyguard material combats rains wellWeighs a lot, good for campgrounds not hiking
quick set up.not the best under rough winds



















Which tent is better? Coleman Cabin Instant 10 person Vs Coleman Dome Evanston 8 Person. Both tents weight a lot, although the Coleman Cabin Instant weighs 44 pounds which is a lot more than Evanston at 26 pounds.






Although the Coleman 10 person has sloped walls allowing for better use of space while Evanstons walls are sloped cutting off space. The Evanston does not hold 8 adults, realistically it holds only 4 with 2 kids.






The Coleman can hold around 8 people though comfortably but don’t think you are going to fit 8 adults in the Evanston because you will be dissapointed. Although the Coleman Cabin tent has issues with its thin flooring, you might want to play it safe and get a mud mat, just in case.






Also the Evanston does not hold up well against rough winds but realistically you won’t be camping in those conditions anyway for this to matter so its not a huge minus.






Evanston has polygaurd material while the Coleman Cabin has blended materials but both handle rainy weather well. Also the Coleman has blackout rooms while the Evanston does not, and the Coleman has air vents surrounding the roof making it a great summer tent.






While tents often hold less than advertised It is very disappointing that the Evanston holds far less people than advertised to a noticeable degree. Since the Evanston is a far smaller tent than advertised it fails the needs of people who want to hold 8 people.






Although the Coleman Cabin makes better use of its space with no sloped walls, more features, and more honest advertising. The only big issue is the thin floors so you would need a mud mat to go along with the tent.