Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 person Vs High Peak Pacific Crest 4 person







ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Backpacking Tent

General info

Item Weight4.2 pounds
poles2 aluminum poles
‎Space20 Square Feet





Key features:

Easy to setup with only 2 crossing poles

Uv resistant fly

Center Height 36″


Half mesh wall

Factory sealed seams

comes with Vestibule






ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-person tent is a great tent for backpacking under windy conditions. It comes with factory sealed seams preventing wind, snow, and rain from entering the tent.







This tent also comes with double zippers on the door which also protects wind from affecting the tent.






ALPS tent is also one of the easiest to pack making it ideal for backpackers who expect to enter wind. It comes with a UV resistant making it great for hot summer camping as well.






Partially mesh walls allow for condensation to exit the tent making it great for warm conditions. There are also two vents on the tent allowing the tent to cool down.






Easy set upNot the lightest weighing 4.2 lbs
Factory sealed seams, Double zip, DurableSmall
Great for hot weather, (UV resistant fly) 



Best for: Summer backpacking during high winds for a weekend


















High Peak Outdoors Pacific Crest Tent (4-Person)



Key Features:

  • Intentionally designed for backpacking
  • Big Vestibule space
  • Lightweight
  • Quality materials





The High Peak Outdoors Pacific Crest Tent (4-Person) offers quality materials that can withstand high winds. Its a great bang for your buck since it has quality materials for a great price.






Its also lightweight which is amazing since lightweight materials are often more pricey while this tent has lightweight materials at a more affordable price.






Although the material is a little less expensive which doesn’t come without some cons. It can get a little bit hot in this tent so its not the best for hot summer weather. Also this tent has some issues against heavy rain so it needs to be waterproofed if you are expecting harsh rain then this could be an issue.







Which is better? Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 person or the High Peak Pacific Crest 4 person. Alps tent is UV resistant making it a great summer tent while the High peak outdoors can withstand high windy very well.






Although the Alps is a heavy duty tent for mountaineers encountering wind, rain, and snow by implementing factory sealed seams. Although the tent is not ideal for backpacking since it weighs 4.2 pounds.






The High Peak Pacific Crest is an impressive tent though because it offers a durable strong tent at a very affordable price.






Although the usability of the High Peak is very limited, its not very great against rain and needs waterproofing. It has problems with expelling heat during the summer time.






The Alps is a great tent that can be used in multiple different scenarios since its made to be a mountaineer tent. High Peak can only be used under windy cold conditions, since the use is quite limited the Alps tent is the clear winner.