The best 6 person tent is….




Standing Room Family Cabin Camping tent


Key features:

8.5′ OF head room

2 Big Screen Doors

Capacity fit 6 campers





The Standing Room Family Cabin Camping tent is the best 6 person tent since it offers an affordable, easy to set up tent that is designed to be combined by getting another tent, and it offers 8.5 feet of head room making it the perfect tent for tall people.












Coleman 6 person Sundome Camping Tent


General info

Max height6 ft.
Set up10 min.
Weight8.5 Pounds
Floor area100 sq. ft.



Key features:

Floor vent for max ventilation

Two doors

easy set up

lightweight, easy to cary

Affordable price

Good headroom



The Coleman 6 Person Sundome is great for summer camping since this tent is built to expel heat. Although this feature is not great for camping in conditions where it can become very chilly at night since it does not retain heat well.





This is a tent I would recommend for beginners to get started camping with since it is affordable, and easy set up. It’s also a great tent for your kids to sleep in since they are smaller and can use the space well.






Easy for beginners to set up (affordable)Small
Great summer tent due to ventilationDoes not retain heat well
Good headroom 


Best for: A summer tent for your kids to go on their first camping trip in














Ayamaya 6 person pop up

General info table

Seasons4 Season
Item Weight164 Ounces

Key features:

A wall divider

Double layer weather proof

Cross ventilation / gap between layers


Fastest instant tent






Consider the Ayamaya 6 person pop up tent which offers plenty of room for four people on a rainy night, and the rooms can be divided making space for gear or another sleeping room on the other side.






Since the tent is double layer one may worry about it getting too hot inside the tent. The layers are balanced by two mesh windows allowing cross ventilation and a gap between the two layers creating extra ventilation.






The Ayamaya comes with only one door so you might wake people up while trying to reach the front door. There is also no center loop for hanging a fan so keep that in mind.






Also it can be a bit of a challenge to put the tent back into it’s bag, instead of doing this by yourself find someone to help you, it’s a lot easier when there are two people.






Fastet instant tentOne door
weatherproof for 4 seasonsNo center loop for fan

Best instant tent for: 2-4 campers who want room, comfort and durability












Standing Room Family Cabin Camping tent


Key features:

8.5′ OF head room

2 Big Screen Doors

Capacity fit 6 campers







The Standing Room Family Cabin Camping tent offers the best head space on this list boasting a full 8.5 feet of head room making it the perfect tent for tall people. Also this tent is affordable, and its easy to setup in under 10 minutes.






Another great fact about this tent is it can easily be combined into two tents if you purchase an additional tent. If 90 Square Feet is to small simply buy another (attaching them with binder clips) and you have more space at a more affordable price than other tents.






Although this tents ties can be flimsy, specifically the ties connected to the tent canopy which can break so make sure to bring extra cable. One more thing to note, it only realistically fits 4-5 people not 6 people comfortably. Also the canopy frame for this tent is not included.







peak height of 8.5 feetTies break
can easily be combined to offer more space at affordable pricecanopy frame not included














Playdo Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

General info

Weight:132 lbs (60 kg)
Floor size:276” x 276” (701cm x 701cm)
Peak height:157” (400cm)
Occupancy: 12 (2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 person models also available)




Key features:

with stove pipe vent

with electric cable hole


300gsm cotton material

bottom floor zips to sides

A frame door and four screen windows





The Paydo Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell tent comes with a stove pipe which makes it great for campers who want to cook a meal. The tent also has an electric cable hole allowing for you to put a generator, and perhaps even use an A/C (I L to air conditioning. ) in your tent. This tent comes in several sizes, you can get the 2,4,6,8, or 10 person version of this canvas tent.







It has 300gsm material which means the great cotton water resistant material is dense and durable against heavy rains. Although this tent does come with a removable floor design which can possibly result in less effective waterproofing for your floor. Also this tent performs poorly under snowy conditions







Great for cooking mealPerforms poorly under snow
Electric outlet for an A/Cremovable waterproof floor weakens could weaken water resistance
Great waterproof material 300gsm 


Best for: A comfortable glamping type tent that you can cook and put an A/C in.


















Coleman Tent Octagon, 6 Man Festival Dome Tent



Key features:

bug protected screening

7 ft 11 inch peak height

3 person

3 season

2000 mm HH combined with taped seams and fully sewn-in groundsheet



The Coleman Tent Octagon, 6 Man Festival Dome Tent comes with 360 degree environment with six large windows maxing it a very great tent for people who feel easily claustrophobic inside of tents. It is a great dome tent for tall people since it reaches up to 7’11” inches. Six windows offer great ventilation as well. This tent comfortably fits 4-5 people rather than 6 as advertised.






It comes with weather proofing features like taped seams and a sewn in ground sheet that cuts of gaps where water can leak into the ground sheet.






This octagon shaped tent does however come with sloped walls which greatly reduces the interior space making it ultimately more comfortable as a two person tent.






High peaksloped walls
360 ventilation and viewPricey