Find the best tent air conditioner




Why do some portable AC underperform?



Air conditioners work by moving warm air from the inside to the outside of your tent.





If a unit is placed inside of a tent without a window allowing for air to circulate. Instead the exhaust of air goes through a long hose which makes the A/C underperform.


Air conditioners will work much better if they allow for air circulation because it is placed near a window opening which dissipates the heat.



That is why The Frigidaire Window Mounted Room Air Conditioner work out the best because it is a Window Mounted Room Air Conditioner

It allows for three different speeds, it fairly quiet, its more portable since its small and square, its affordable, and of course it works very well because it is a Window Mounted Room Air Conditioner.



BTU (British Thermal Units)6,000
Weight41.9 Pounds
Room size250 sq. ft.
dBA noise51

necessary starting power required by the ac unit. Most of the time, this power requirement is 1.5 to 2 times higher than the running power.


Frigidaire Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner

General info

BTU (British Thermal Units)6,000
Weight41.9 Pounds
Room size250 sq. ft.
dBA noise51

Key features:

24 hour on/off timer

Three different fan speeds

Remote control (fan speed and temperature)

16 x 13.19 x 12.06 inches



The Frigidaire Window Mounted Air Conditioner 450 watts to operate, even a cheap camping generator can run it, great if you want to invest in both in an affordable manner.



The noise can create discomfort when its set to max setting. For those who don’t like sleeping to white noise this can be a problem, but its the most quiet A/C for camping out there.



It comes with 24 hour on/off timer allowing you to set it and forget it adding to the items convenience. Its the second smallest/ portable A/C unit on this list since it weighs 41.9 lbs. 6 way comfort control. Easy to modify for camping in a tent.



Small/light/portableMakes white noise
6-way comfort controlrequires modifications
on/off timer 



Best for: A semi lightweight A/C for those who want a quieter convenient unit.



NTMY Portable Air Conditioner Fan

General info

Mist sprays3
Item Dimensions LxWxH8.26 x 8.26 x 10.23 inch
Weight2.35 pounds
fan speeds3

Key features:


60 degree tilt

USB charging cord



The NTMY Portable Air Conditioner A/C is the most portable one on this list since it only weighs 2.35 pounds.



Also the NTMY comes with multiple different moisture spray settings with 600ml of water. This A/C comes with 3 mist sprays, 5 high level sprays, and 1 low level spray



It can tilt 60 degrees allowing for you to adjust the airflow to different areas of your tent. Although this A/C is more for personal use, meaning it work when you are near it to cool off for a while, while being portable. Its not the best for cooling down the whole tent.


Humidifier with multiple spraysCant cool a whole tent
Portablerequires refilling

Best for: A quick way to cool off for a short time in your tent on a hot day.

Black Decker 8,000 BTU Potable Air Conditioner

General info

BTU (British Thermal Unit)14,000
Area700 sq. ft.
Weight68.3 lbs
Item Dimensions LxWxH17.1 x 28.1 x 13.8 inches

Key features:

Dehumidifier and 3 fan speeds

Easy install

3 fan levels



The Black Decker 14,000 BTU offers two special features which can make the air a certain way. Since this A/C has both a dehumidifier and can create cool air, thats why you get both dry and cool air. The dehumidifier helps battle humidity keeping you more cool and comfortable



This A/C can heat up to 700 sq ft., it has three fan modes, cooling, and a dehumidifier. It also comes with a timer allowing for a 24 hour programming and a special mode called eco mode which is designed to save energy.



Although this A/C unit is not very portable since it weighs 68.3 lbs. Also this A/C unit has a bright blue LED light that you might have to cover with a magazine.


Also the weather strip can tear easily and there is a hole that allows hot air to enter. This can be easily fixed with a duct tape covering.


Cool/HeatsBlue LED light
Eco mode power saverWeather strips tear easily
covers 700 sq. ft.3 peice section hole, easy fix with tape


Best for: Its a decent A/C that will work for cooling you down during a hot night



SereneLife SLPAC8 Portable Air Conditioner

General info

Weight46.3 lbs
BTU British thermal units8,000
Dimensions L x W x H14.6’’ x 13.8’’ x 27.2’’
noise level55-57 dBa

Key features:

3 operating modes


automatic swing mode


cover up to 215 sq Ft.



The SereneLife SLPAC8 Portable air conditioner offers many special features including a heating setting that can keep you decently warm during cold nights.


There are 4 different variations from this brand, for example one runs 10000 BTUs and another runs 18000BTUs. If you need more power these are also great options.


This tent has an automatic swing mode allowing the air to move around in a pattern, and this A/C can cover up to 215 sq Ft. which is great for cooling or heating a tent area.



Serene life is also more affordable than other A/C units that have both cooling and heating features. This A/C also consumes less power due to its design. This A/C is also easy to install compared with other A/C units, it can take only around 15 minutes.


Although this A/C unit can be loud compared to others on this list. The Serene A/C unit is also heavy making it hard to transport, and it requires an external power source so getting it to run in a camping environment can be difficult.


Easy installLoud
Can heat and cool tent areasneeds external power source
Automatic swing allowing for air circulationheavy 68lbs



Best for: A multi option A/C for both hot and cold weather.



Shinco 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Built-in Dehumidifier Function

General info

Voltage115 watts
BTU British Thermal Unit8,000
Item Dimensions LxWxH14.69 x 13.46 x 29.63 inches
Weight41.9 Pounds

Key features:

24 hour timer

2 fan speeds

Quick installation

200 Sq Ft.




The Shinco 8,000 is an 8,000 BTU ac unit that comes with a self evaporation system that helps keep your tent both dry and cool. There are only 2 speeds which is low compared with others on this list.



This tent does in fact have two different fan speeds to choose from. It has a cooling function, and a 19.2L/day dehumidification system. The A/C windows sized can be micro adjusted to allow for different window sizes giving you more or less air shooting out.



This tent is also not as heavy as other Ac units on this list but the shape vertical shape makes it hard to move.



Adjustable window sizesonly 2 fan speeds
24 hour timerhard to move
dehumidification system 

Best for: Those who want a decent A/C system that allows you to control airflow nicely



Final Verdict



Since The Frigidaire Window Mounted Room Air Conditioner since it can be mounted near a tent vent allowing for excellent air circulation to take the heat out of your tent, its quiet, portable, and affordable.