Hui Lingyang pop up 4 person Vs Wakeman 2 person pop up







HUI LINGYANG 4 Person Easy Pop Up Tent

General info

MaterialFiberglass, Polyurethane, Fabric
Seasons4 season
Setup time2 minutes
Water Resistance Technology3000MM-4000MM vc

Price: $$

Key features:

2 doors (excellent 4 way ventilation)

fairly waterproof

2 minute setup time

Not hard to pack away once you know






A great feature this tent has going for it is the double access doors, and 2 windows on the side allowing for excellent 4 way ventilation. Also this tent is a little easier than other tents to put away, once you know how to do it it’s not hard to take it down in a jiffy.







This tent has many features making it fairly resistant against weather such as 3000MM-4000MM material, oxford. The Hui Lingyang has double layered fabric which adds to its weather protection abilities.






Usually tents fit less people than they advertise and this tent is no exception to that trend. The Hui Lingyang measures 9.5 x 6.6 feet of floor room and claims to be able to contain up to 4 people. In reality this tent can comfortably contain two adults.






These features are all well and good but this tent is best for moderate rain not heavy rain conditions. For heavy rain you should get a tent thats 5000mm-8000mm which is good for the mountains where it can get very wet.






2 doors (good ventilation)not for heavy rain
2 minute set up timecan only comfortably fit 2 people
easy to pack away 

Best for: 2 people looking for a convenient, comfortable, and reasonably priced pop up tent.



















Wakeman Pop-Up Tent 2 Person

General info

Floor8 x 4.9 ft (39.2 sq ft)
PolesFiberglass 6mm diameter
WATER RESISTANTThe 190T polyester
Inside Height39 in



Key features:

2 min set up time


One door

Smaller tent

A charging port for electronics






The Wakeman pop up 2 person is a great tent for certain conditions and people. Although its definitely a specialized tent which can be perfect for specific situations. First off this tent is not well suited for rain, instead it a great lightweight summer tent for moderate weather.






Also, the Wakeman is not a great tent for two adults, especially if you are tall Even if you are around 5’8. That is why this tent is a great fit for smaller people like kids, and its easy for them to set up.






The drawback is that it can be a little hard for kids to break it down so you might need to help them. It’s not especially difficult to take this tent down if you know how unlike other tents which remain a challenge.






Also this tent has only one door which can make it hard to leave the tent in the middle of the night without waking your neighbor. Although this tent does have electrical access ports allowing for you to attach a cable without unzipping or puncturing your tent which is a nice feature.






Lightweight and comfortableNot for rain or cold weather
Great budget tentSmall
Charging port 

Best for: A great budget tent for your kids during a summer vacation



















Which tent is better? The Wakeman Pop up two person or the Hui LingYang 4 person Pop up. The Wakeman is made out of lightweight material, it has one door, and its less expensive than Hui. The Wakeman is a better tent than the Hui LingYang for summer conditions due to its lightweight material.






Also the Hui LingYang fits as many people as the Wakeman realistically since the Hui only holds 2 people. Although the Hui LingYang gives you great waterproof fabric allowing for 3000MM-4000MM oxford material whereas the Wakeman does not repel water well.






Hui LingYang has an easy set up and tear down time compared with the Wakeman which can be a little bit of a learning curve to figure out especially if your kids are trying to set up their first tent. .