7 reasons to use a hammock instead of a tent






7 reasons to use a hammock instead of a tent



Curved Hammock

Did you know your spine is naturally curved, but your bed if flat. A curved hammock puts your spine in a more natural posture. In a normal bed you tend to toss and turn a lot, in a hammock you end up in the same position and sleep comfortable all night.







Easier to set up.

Another big difference between a hammock and a tent. A tent has to be moved around, and to move it it needs to be torn down. Set up takes longer than setting up a hammock. With a Hamoock you just need to find two trees and tie it around.







Sleeping in a tent can be hot, but in a hammock you are basically guaranteed a cold night since you are not surrounded by a tent. Tents get hot but a hammock can be set up around an open space.







With a hammock you can transport it easier, but it also doesn’t weight as much as tents. A hammock is a great way to sleep for backpackers, bikepackers, and even thru hike people who want a good light hammock.






Sleeping on the ground is uncomfortable

There are a lot of benefits related to hammocks, one of them is sleeping above the ground. Hammocks put you above the bugs and the hard grass floor, and its great for your spine. You won’t have to use a sleeping pad, or a cot, and that means you can wake up without feeling sore.








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