7 alternatives to hiking


7 alternatives to hiking



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Go Snorkeling! You can get an instructor to teach you how to do it and show you interesting spots, or you can do it yourself. There are plenty of places to go snorkeling, all kinds of neat fish and sea life to explore. You don’t need to buy a ton of equipment like hiking, all you need is a snorkel, goggles, flippers and a wetsuit.




















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Canyoneering is a great activity for hot summer days because canyons offers a lot of shade, and there are plenty of water trails to travel that cool you off. You can go down canyons with ropes and equipment, or you can float around in a safe stream.


















Bikepacking / Mountainbiking

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Bikepacking is an excellent activity to explore your environment efficiently, and you can even find new hiking trails by fully and quickly exploring your environment. Cover more ground, and explore the entire campground or trial.

















White Water Rafting

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It can be exhilarating, scary, and you can get soaked so if you don’t mind getting splashed by a bunch of water then you should definitely try this out. You will probably need to find a guide or rent some equipment to try this activity and experience it to its fullest.


















Beach Combing

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This is a quite simple activity which anyone can do very easily, you don’t need any special equipment. What is beach combing then? Well, you just walk around the beach and see if you can find anything interesting come up along the shore. You can find all kinds of interesting things you would never expect to find. You could also bring a bucket or bag and pick up trash you find while doing this.



















Horseback Riding

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Horseback riding is an amazing way to explore your environment, just find a good place with good reviews about the horses and instructors. If you have a good instructor who will show you how to ride the horse, and if the horses are very chilled out then it can be a great experience. Go to a ranch or trail, there are many options for Horseback riding out there to explore.




















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Similar to white water rafting because you get to go on a boat over the water but you don’t have to get completely soaked. Its best to start out with easy lakes and streams, anything calm is good but don’t do fast rapids the first time. Kayaks is a light and easy form of travel for beginners to learn because kayaks are lightweight and maneuverable. Theres also muscular benefits to kayaking as well since it develops your upper body muscles.

















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