5 ways to train better for your next hike


5 ways to train better for your next hike








Walk around with your backpack

Pack up all of your gear into your backpack, then practice lifting up your backpack. If your backpack feels to heavy to lift then there is probably something you can take out. Read this article on how to organize your backpack.





Put on your backpack and make sure all of the gear you will be bringing for your trip is inside the backpack. Its great practice to get comfortable walking with the weight of your backpack.
















Practice setting up your tent

A lot of people overlook this simple step but it’s critical to make your tent in a tough spot. What if a rain cloud comes and a downpour happens, and you are setting up your new tent for the first time during the rainy weather.
















Be like the boy scouts and be prepared by setting up your tent in the backyard or in the park somewhere. Practice multiple times so you can be ready to set it up quickly when you need to.













Take shorter hikes

Shorter hikes around the park, or around another hiking trail will get you ready for the longer hike. You can even bring your backpack in these locations.












Train your core well which will allow you to keep hiking for longer. Abs are the foundation, the cornerstone of your body that will keep it going. If your abs are well developed then you can also breathe easier along your next hike.














Train for downhills

Keep in shape for descents as well, don’t forget this step. Most injuries happen at the descent because people are tired and ready after reaching the top of the hill or mountain.






You can practice by going down hills multiple times that allow you to strengthen different muscles that function on the descent. Also remember to go down slowly and carefully which can also mitigate the risk of injury.



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