5 ways to go get you camping every weekend



5 ways to go get you camping every weekend



Planning makes or breaks the trip


Make a checklist, check the weather, wear in your boots. There are all kind of things you should do before heading out for your next trip. You can practice setting up your new tent, or you could try out your new boots.







Always go over the checklist twice so you don’t forget anything. Wearing a backpack around the neighborhood a few times is another great tip because it will put you into shape for the trip and you can tell how heavy the backpack will feel once you hit the trail.












Pack Early


Make sure everything is packed away early, and by early you could pack whenever, but you probably don’t want to be stressed and pack everything at the last minute. Its easy to forget something important if you pack everything last minute.






Give yourself some time, pack a few days, then go through the checklist and see if you forgot anything so your prep can be easy.













Bring some friends


Making a plan with other people can help get you outdoors more often. Bringing friends helps with holding yourself accountable, whereas if it’s just you then you can easily shy away from going camping.






You may feel tired, or you just don’t feel like it but having other friends joining in on the fun can motivate you to see the plan through.






Also camping by yourself is often not as fun as going with friends so you will feel more encouraged to go camping when others are coming.
















Camp closer to home


There is no need to go on a long costly road trip to a big fancy national park. You may be surprised if you search for local parks and campsites near your local area.






You can save more money on gas, admittance fees, and most importantly of all going to camping areas closest to you is the best step to camping every weekend. Since it’s not a long drive you will be more motivated to go every weekend.














Simplify your menu plan


There are plenty of easy menu plans you can follow that are easy to make, and easy to heat up. Find meals that are light, because lighter meals create less work and they are the easiest to cook and prepare.




Make it even easier by getting your friends to help share the load. Have some of your friends bring certain foods, coordinate with each other and make sure everyone knows who is bringing what. That way one person won’t be responsible for bringing all of the food.





Returning home stress free as well


Make sure to pack everything when there is still some natural sunlight for visibility.






Have all of your food already in your fridge for when you return so you don’t have to go shopping when you come back home. Before you leave pre- make all of your kids lunches for school the next day.





If your too tired to unpack everything then the only thing you have to do is dry out all of your wet gear.




Save money on tents, backpacks, and more

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