5 tips for hiking comfortably in hiking boots


5 tips for hiking comfortably in hiking boots









Hiking soles



Hiking soles are nice little pads that protect your feet from rubbing against the bottom of your boots. You can get extra pads on your hiking boots that provide extra protection. Hiking soles provide many benefits other than just pure comfort, it can improve your posture, prevents issues like overpronation and supination and prevents excess strain on your joints.













Blister pads


Hydrocolloid blister patches perform far better than a normal bandages in terms of mitigating pain, recovery time, the durability is better, cushions and support is also better for long term hiking. Put these pads on the bottom of your feet for the best protection
















Wear your boots in.


It’s not good to wear new boots for a trip because they will be stiff, and that will hurt your feet. Simply walking around the park, or the neighborhood can help wear in your boots to make them feel more comfortable for your next trip.














Toss em if you don’t like em


Sometimes just going out on a walk around the block, or on the trail can be very helpful for you. One of the best way to find out if your hiking boots fit you well is to actually try them on the trial. If they hurt you don’t have to find that out on the trial 5 miles in.













Massage your feet


rub, twist, and stretch your feet to massage them. Nothing else is necessary for this massage, its just that simple. As for the timing you only need to massage for a short time. 20 seconds for rub, 20 for twist, and yep etc. etc.






Use the sole of your shoes for this next massage. This massage works well for the bottom of your foot. Use the sole of your shoe to target the sides of your shoe as well.


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