5 park rules to remember



5 park rules to remember




Bear Canisters

Lots of parks require you to bring a bear canister to be allowed admittance into the park. A bear canister is a scent proof canister that keeps bears away from hikers to prevent them from raiding campgrounds and causing problems. Remember to bring one if you are planning on visiting any major campsite anywhere.














Some campgrounds require to have a Trowel displayed on your backpack, a trowel is a tool that is used to make holes for your human waste. Remember to read up on any of the rules for your campground and bring one anyway because it’s nice to keep any waste out of public trails or view.













Dog Health records


Many people forget to bring their dogs health records which can be very important once you reach the campground. What records should you bring? Bring your dogs Rabies Vaccination record and a full list of your dogs shots. On that note also make sure the park even allows pets.
















Don’t bring your own wood

Campgrounds have very strict rules about bringing your own firewood. There is a very big environmental reason behind these regulations. Your wood contains terrible bugs that will travel from your environment to a different ecosystem. These bugs wreak havoc on the forests there by ruining agriculture, and creating infestations.






These bugs are very small and even experts can’t confidently say that there are no eggs somewhere in the wood. If you bring your own wood it will be confiscated, and you could use that extra space you made for wood for something else in the car.













Limit on Cars

Campsite put a limit on how many cars may be allowed for a campsite. Make sure you don’t bring any extra cars and follow the limit or you may have some problems with the park rangers. A lot of people don’t pay attention to these little things but it’s important to know what your suppose to bring, how many cars are allowed at a campsite, what your not allowed to bring etc.


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