37 Yummy and Simple Camping meals your Kids will Love

Find fun easy to make foods your picky kids will love for the next camping trip!



This article will list some fun camping food for kids. Are your kids tired of eating hot dogs and cereal for their camping trips? Are you?


Well, this post will provide fun camping foods for kids, and recipes you will probably enjoy as well.


These recipes aren’t fancy, they are easy to make, convenient, and most of all I am confident that your kids will enjoy them.


A lot of these recipes are pretty safe bets, who doesn’t like pancakes, pizza, sandwiches, or donuts. Some of the recipes I saw during my research were a little odd, and I imagined if I were still a kid, and realized I would probably not eat them.


Also, I included some tips for how to prepare recipes that your kids will actually eat. Also, I offered some new ways to cook and prepare classic recipes like normal hot dogs. 


I have spent a couple of days compiling all the best recipes and giving a description of how to make them.


I have also included some smart ways to heat your food faster, and some tips which will help cook and prepare certain meals. 


Let’s begin with the 37 fun camping foods for kids. 






#1 PANCAKES: (Safe bet)


Fun camping food for kids

Description: Prepare pancakes beforehand, its not fun making them at the camp where preparation can get messy.


Make them ahead of time, or just add water pancake mix to prepare them without any hassle.


Pro tip: I would not recommend cooking potatoes around the campfire fire if possible, so potato pancakes are problematic.


Potato pancakes take a while to get warm under the campfire. It really does take a long time.


If you can bake them some other way, then that’s great, just don’t rely on a campfire to do it.




It is crucial to slap your tortillas on a grill gate before putting stuff in it.


If the tortilla is left uncooked it becomes soft and falls apart, instead, a tortilla should be hard and crunchy.


Now you can freeze it for later, and once you heat it up, the eggs, bacon, and cheese will still taste great. 





fun camping food for kids


Warm half of an english muffin over your stove or fire before topping it off with butter.


If your kids want you can make a sandwich out of it, and put egg or bacon inside for your kids.


Add thinly cut apple slices, cinnamon and sugar are optional. To make it easier for younger kids, slice the apple into thirds or fourths.

fun camping food for kids










Simply cook some sausage on a stick near the fire, and put them into a sandwich.


Skip the roasted red peppers and onions if your kids won’t eat them.







Bring taco shells, your favorite ingredients for nachos, a grill and your set. If you just want nachos then don’t bring the tacos.


On my nachos, I have cheese, beans, onions, tortilla chips, corn, maybe olives, and some dipping sauce.


I don’t put the cheese on until the chips are all done so the cheese doesn’t completely evaporate. 






Precook them or not, you can cook the fish separately beside the fire to make it crisp if your kids want a crisp fish. 



#8 SPIDER HOT DOGS: This is just a stylized meal, cut the dog multiple times at the ends and the dog looks a little bit like a spider.


I suppose its a new way to make your hot dogs look interesting but besides that its just a hot dog. Your kids might like the way it looks and play around with it.





fun camping food for kids

Tinfoil is an excellent camping commodity that will benefit you greatly. A ton of meals can be made using tin foil.


Basically, take any combination of veggies, meat, or starches and throw it into some foil. Then fold the foil into a packet, and you have got a lot of quick tasty meal options.


Foil packets are also very convenient: These packets can all be wrapped up at your home before the trip starts and stored in the cooler.


Guess what, Desserts can also be made this way. The waiting time for the meals to heat up can vary depending on the number of ingredients, the meal, and so on.


Little work involved: After the food has been chopped, and wrapped in foil, all that’s left to do is to wait for it to cook by the coals until it’s time to eat.


Remember that some foods can take longer, so get those foods cooked up early so they are ready for hungry campers.


For trips that last more than a few days, freezing the meals to be eaten later in the week is your best option for fresh food and convenience.


Freezing food gives you more options for what you can eat while camping. You can take family recipes with multiple ingredients.


Cook the food beforehand, divide it out into squares, wrap it in foil, and freeze.


Pretty much anything that can be reheated with a microwave can also be reheated with a campfire and grill.


When it comes to reheating your food, remember to let the food defrost fully.


Heavy-duty aluminum foil, this foil won’t burn like normal foil, and this makes heavy-duty foil the right foil to use for foil your meals.




How to fold foil packets: First you need metal tongs to flip the packets. You will be folding 3 aluminum packets around your food item.


First fold side to side, next fold the ends in, flip the aluminum onto another sheet seam side down and repeat the process two more times.


Spread or spray some butter around the foil before you place any food onto it.


This will help stop your food from sticking to the foil while its being cooked.


Is the fire crackling? If so, then your food will probably get too hot and get a little burnt. What you want to hear is a faint sizzling sound.


Make Chicken, onion, and bell pepper packets.


Add oil and seasonings for taste and wrap it all in foil.


Cook at home and reheat with an RV oven or place in coals around the fire until chicken is cooked through. 








#11 Grilled Foil-Pack Cheesy Fries




 Perfect Pre-Made Foods:








Let your kids assemble sandwich kabobs as a fun camping lunch!


Layout bowls filled with all the things needed for sandwiches (prep before your camping trip to save time and energy).


Cubes of cheese, sandwich meat rolled up or chunks of pre-cooked chicken, sourdough, or rye bread that is cubed, cherry tomatoes, plus any veggies your family likes. 






You can easily prepare this meal before the trail, and eat it cold if you want to.


The ingredients are all in the name, but you can add whatever toppings your kids would want like onions or lettuce.


#14 STOVE TOP PIZZA POCKETS: Every kid loves pizza right? Your kids will definitely enjoy eating pizza with their fav toppings in a handy toasted wrap.


You can make these on your grill, camp stove, or in a skillet over the fire.






They are easy to make, and you can pump them out quickly.




#16 PIGS IN A BLANKET: Don’t want your kids eating hot dogs, chicken or turkey sausage is a great substitute.


Bring some crescent rolls and wrap each turkey or sausage dog in a triangle of crescent roll dough.



Pro tip: This tip seems a little obvious, but its a good tip to change your mindset when it comes to eating camping food, versus your day-to-day normal meals.


Eat fresh foods first, pre-cooked food second, and frozen foods last. Keep the non-perishable items as snacks for emergencies or the way back home.


Remembering when to eat meals is smart because it will help take away a lot of uncertainty while planning your family’s meals for your next trip.











Prepare this pasta ahead of time, and place it in a cooler. Or you could boil your pasta over the camp stove, campfire, or grill. 






Do your kids love fajitas, if so they’ll love them cooked on the campfire or over a grill.






Its easy to cook on your grill, and the kids love it.







Pre-cook the rice, its a smart move. That way it’s easy to make the rice very quickly on your camp stove, or in a cast iron dutch oven in the campfire coals.




#21 ZUCCHINI BEEF SKILLET DINNER: Combine your beef and veggies into one dish.


Simply place the food on a skillet on your camp stove or over the fire.







Are you camping with limited water, no problem just cook your favorite noodles at home.


Add a little butter to prevent sticking, and package up to reheat at camp.


Select your favorite sauce for the Mac N cheese, next pre-cook the sausage.


Add onion if your kiddos would be cool with that.


At camp, heat everything together, adding milk, shredded cheese, and seasoning until warmed through and melted.






If your kids love beans, then this meal is a winner. Tortillas, beans, and some salsa are your only 3 ingredients.


With these excellent, tasty treats, you can easily prepare them before leaving for your trip.


To make ahead of time, assemble burritos —> wrap burritos in tin foil > place into a freezer and a ziplock bag > freeze > transport to the campsite in a cooler.





This is a very flexible recipe, it can be served warm or cold, whichever your kid prefers.


Easy to make before the night you leave for your trip and then just pack the leftovers for the road.


It is the perfect way to limit food waste and plan ahead.





This is super simple to make pizza for your trip. With naan bread, you can create mini pizzas, and get them crispy over your grill.


Keep the recipe simple by only bringing what you need to make a decent pizza, you don’t want to fill your freezer with a bunch of toppings unless you have plenty of space. 





Either place the naan pizzas directly on the grill or put a piece of tin foil on the grill and put the pizza on top of the foil.


If the cheese isn’t melting, then simply place a piece of tin foil tented over the top to help get the heat into that cheese.






Have a pie iron? If you do, just add 2 slices of super buttery bread, make a pizza inside with cheese sauce and add your choice of toppings. 



#28 CAMPFIRE LASAGNA: If your kids enjoy a good meal of lasagna, then this will work. Bring a cast iron dutch oven so you don’t have to boil noodles.






Change your usual grilled hamburgers with these fun cheeseburger foil packets, aka hobo packets.


Cook them on the grill or put them over the campfire coals.











Get some marshmallows on a stick, and then put the chocolate inside of it to get it melted inside.


You can also add strawberries if your kids like them.


Before it cools, roll, dip, or lightly sprinkle with some fun toppings.


Topping ideas: crumbly graham crackers, coconut flakes, or sprinkles.



#31 BROWN BEARS: This is an old reliable meal that has been done for a while, and you will find many campers love it.


Using a package of refrigerated biscuit dough, twist a biscuit around a skewer, kinda like a twirling snake or vine.


Cook the dough over a fire until it turns golden brown. Next, carefully brush the dough with some butter and add some cinnamon and sugar.






All you need is some ice cream, sugar cones, and your selection of sweet toppings.


Topping ideas: Mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, nuts, sprinkles. Ice cream cones are fun for kids to put together themselves, buffet style.


If your kids don’t mind the ice cream melted and a little messy.


Next wrap them tightly with foil and heat upright over the campfire for 3-5 minutes, allowing everything to become a little warm.


I would not recommend getting the ice cream too messy because the ice cream can easily drip out, and your kids will be very messy. 






Put your biscuits on a stick and place them about 350 degrees or wherever your hand feels comfortable resting.


Some people lean the stick onto another stick so they don’t have to stand over it, but I would just hold on to a stick to prevent any dough from falling into the flames unless I could find some good sticks.


Slap some butter on the dough so the biscuits become sticky.


Place the biscuits in a bag full of cinnamon and shake it, now you have biscuit cinnamon rolls.


#34 For more crispy donuts: You will first want to put some oil carefully into the cast iron.


Be careful of spilling any oil into the fire, a little spill can cause the fire to become bigger.


Next, punch a hole into the biscuit rolls with a good stick.


Test the temperature of the cast iron pan, if it turns black too fast move the pan away from the fire a little.



If the little piece of biscuit dough isn’t burning up, and instead its just fizzing, then put your doughy donuts into the cast iron.


Wait until the donuts look golden brown, flip them over with your stick, pull them out once they are done.


Then put some powdered sugar on the donuts.



#35 PIE STICKS: These meals are tasty and easy to make if you happen to have some dome-shaped skewer attachments.


Pie sticks are a very customizable dessert item. You have your marshmallows, and dough as your main ingredients.


Put the dough around the dome, cook it next to the fire until it becomes golden brown.


Add toppings: Hershey’s chocolate syrup, whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate pudding. 












But more fun for your kids. Easily customizable for individual taste buds and very kid-friendly – make at home before leaving for camp.


Some ideas to get you started: 








mini teddy






dry cereal



yogurt covered raisins


 dried cherries 


mini marshmallows


chocolate chips


white chocolate chips. 


Some people include cranberries, but your kids might not like them because I hated them as a kid and I still do. Eww!



#37 Easy Backups:


Oatmeal Packets


Summer Sausage


Fruit Leather/Dried Fruit


Protein Bars (Homemade or Packaged)


Cucumber Sticks


Carrot Sticks


Celery Sticks (you can add peanut butter and raisins for ants on a log)




Boiled Eggs


Granola Bars



Random stuff: Cheese sticks, granola bars, and whatever else you know to be a hit with your kids that is non-perishable.


Its a smart idea to bring along a day’s worth of non-perishable food for everyone in your family.


That way you won’t need to scurry out of the woods to find the nearest restaurant or fast food joint if the dinner that night goes wrong for whatever reason.





Pro tips for preparing camping food






Making meals with skillet pans can be very quick and easy if you pre-chop your food.


Separate your meat and vegetables, and put them in the cooler.


When you are ready to cook, simply dump all of your food into the pan and you’ve got an easy 10-minute meal! Boom…Done…







They are another easy choice and don’t require a camp stove to cook.


You can even pre-make the skewers at home if you want to cook them the first night you’re camping.


Just lay them on the grill over the fire and turn a few times while cooking, and dinner is done!



 Those are all of the recipes! Use these recipes for your next camping trip, I am confident that your kids will enjoy them.


There are multiple ways to prepare your meals for your kids, depending on what they like.


You can put some meals on a skewer for a very crisp taste.


You can cook your food on foil packets over the coals to heat your food quickly, with a grill, or skillet.


Precook/freeze certain foods if you plan on staying for longer.



Always bring some non-perishable snacks, in case you need it.


I would not recommend cooking with potatoes, they take a while.


Since you are probably going to be using a campfire a few or more times when making some of these meals I recommend you read my article on how to make a campfire.


This guide covers different types of campfires, how campfires work, and how to responsibly extinguish them. Read it to make smoky bear proud! 




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